Real estate administration & management of D&H

This service is for those who already have a property in G.C. and are willing to rent it while they are not using it.
This service would bring nothing but advantages for the owners.

D&H offers the following service:

  1. Before renting:

    We will try to have your property occupied at all times, but if you wish we can accomodate your guests only.
    Of course we also provide a maintainence service in order to keep your property in best conditions.

  2. During and after the renting period
  • Previously: We mak sure the property is clean and towels are provided. We´ll also place basic food in the refridgerator.
  • Transport-Service: We offer a transport-service at arrival and departure.
  • After the renting period: The property will be cleaned and left in best conditions, so that the next guests or even yourself find the accomodation pleasant and comfortable.
  • Special requests: D&H will take care of any request to offer the highest comfort to guests. You let us know!

Get in touch with us today and let us have a conversation without any strings attached.

You have deserved to enjoy your holiday!

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